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    Living Color.

    Barbican gallery shows Lee Krasner.

    Lee Krasner is an American painter who was one of the leading figures in the Abstract Expressionism movement of the early 20th century. The Barbican Art Gallery in the UK is a learning and cultural space which tries to push the boundaries for a variety of arts. This show is a retrospective, paying respect to the work and life of one of the United States most famous female artists. Lee Krasner’s work is expressive and emotional, she often painted on large canvases, however she also worked with collages, charcoal painting, and even mosaics. While many of her peers had distinguishable styles, her abstract work differs from painting to painting, and piece to piece. Rather than focusing on a certain aesthetic, Krasner insisted that each piece is a reflection of an emotional state or personality trait that has come about through her own biography. One of Krasner’s most famous pieces, Little Image, will be on display, as well as self-portraits from her early years.
    Till 1 Sep 2019 @ Barbican Art Gallery.