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    Life with Picasso.

    François Gilot’s memoir of Picasso re-published this month

    François Gilot was only 21 when she met Picasso at a restaurant in Paris. He had already reached international acclaim, and looked like an older man – he was 61 at the time – but Gilot was interested. Picasso had many wives and girlfriends before Gilot, but his affair with her lasted over ten years, and they had two children together. Her memoir details her life with him, but mostly his changes in the ten years they were together, and their comments and conversations about his peers at the time, the likes of Matisse and Chagal. In 1964, Gilot’s book received scathing reviews from Picasso’s inner circle, making her out to be bitter, seeking fame, and under the influence of the master painter. More than 50 years later, a 97 year old Gilot proves all these people wrong. She befriended her greatest critic, became the only woman to leave Picasso, and continues painting in her apartment in New York. In an interview, Gilot seems more interested in her work nowadays, than talking about the past and dwelling on struggles. In this way, we cannot help but see Gilot in the way she sees herself, a force that is alight with creativity and a head strong willingness to experience life to the fullest.