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    Life of Diego.

    Taschen releases most comprehensive study of Diego Rivera’s life and works.

    Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo are known as the most important artists and folk pioneers that have come from Latin America. Rivera’s large scale murals helped establish the Mexican mural movement and earned him an opportunity to travel and create all over the world.

    Rivera spent the 1910’s devoted to art and communism while experimenting with the Cubist moment in Europe. During this time he was inspired by major art influencers like Pablo Picasso and decided to return to Mexico and paint large scale murals. The murals addressed social and political issues that spoke to the working class, which lead him to fame from the peasants of Mexico.

    Taschen has published a collection of the painters work called ‘Diego Rivera. The Complete Murals'. Focusing on Rivera’s most prominent scenes spread over 640 pages and nine foldouts. In addition to murals the book features paintings, vintage photos, documents and drawings from public and private collections around the world. It also includes an illustrated biography and a series of essays by prominent art historians offering interpretations of each mural.