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    Les Diners de Gala.

    Salvador Dali’s Erotic Cookbook reprinted by Taschen.

    Salvador Dali’s exuberant and erotic cookbook ‘Les Diners De Gala’ is being reprinted for the first time in over 40 years by Taschen. A rare and quirky cookbook by the famous painter features 136 recipes compiled by the painter and his wife, Gala. Divided into 12 chapters including meats and vegetarian dishes, there is also an entire chapter devoted to aphrodisiacs which is aptly named “The ‘I Eat GALA’”.

    Dali writes in the fantastical book’s introduction, “We would like to state clearly that [Les Diners de Gala] is uniquely devoted to the pleasures of taste”, giving readers a taste of what’s to follow; unique recipes, surreal illustrations inspired by food and bizarre photographs of the painter posing next to lavish banquets.

    Dali’s illustrations are as sumptuous as his recipes, with one centred around a disembodied head, with peas and potatoes for brains, biscuits instead of hair and a jam jar for a fringe, sucking a large cube of blue cheese that has a beautiful mountainous landscape inside.

    The outlandish book will be available on 20 November 2016 for those who wish to have a stab at recreating the surrealist icon’s aesthetically pleasing edible delights.