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    Nigeria’s biggest photo festival, showcases the concept of time.

    The LagosPhoto Festival is opening its doors for the 9th edition this autumn. The festival as the name suggests is hosted in the capital of Nigeria; Lagos. The overarching theme of the festival is Time has Gone showcasing the works of 22 artist from around the globe whose work circulates around the concept of time from different and unique angles. In conjunction with the festival, six other exhibitions will be hosted across Lagos, in indoor as well as outdoor space. In addition to this, Lagosphoto is also facilitating a special project programme, focusing on emerging women photographers from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal and Sierra Leone and the UK. Academics, curators and photographers from Tate Modern and Center Pompidou will mentor in this special project programme. If this does not sound exciting enough, there will also be a photography workshop made in partnership with Canon and National Geographic, awarding a prize of 5000 dollars to the photographer with the most interesting portfolio. LagosPhoto Festival takes place till the 15th of November.