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    Kusama at Victoria Miro Gallery.

    Explore the lavish art of Kusama’s mirrored infinity and glowing pumpkins.

    For over half a century, Yayoi Kusama has been wowing the art world with her idiosyncratic and often provocative art which spans painting, sculpture, printmaking, film, performance, installation and environmental art, as well as writing, fashion and product design. Kusama’s style resists any one label, sharing connections to Pop Art, Surrealism, Minimalism, Zero and Nul movements, Eccentric Abstraction and Feminist Art.

    The Japanese born artist brings her most recent works to London’s Victoria Miro and Victoria Miro Mayfair galleries - an instantly recognisable collection of paintings, pumpkin sculptures and signature mirror rooms. The exhibition is a tribute to Kusama’s expansive career which has seen her boldly experiment and express herself with such vibrancy, keeping her firmly in place as one of the most notable artists of our time.

    This is the first opportunity in London to wander inside Kusama’s infamous mirror rooms since her last exhibit at Tate Modern back in 2012. Newly produced for the shows, these installations bask in the contrast between light and isolation to evoke feelings of infinity. The first installation, ‘Chandelier of Grief’, uses a rotating chandelier to light up a seemingly never ending hall of mirrors.

    Kusama’s distinct neon orange glowing pumpkins in ‘All the Eternal Love I Have for Pumpkins’ are perhaps the powerful part of the exhibit. A strong hallucinogenic energy fills the room with the mirrors reflecting both the glowing variety of pumpkins and the viewer, deeply immersing you into Kusama’s theatrical aesthetics.

    Victoria Miro Mayfair hosts a satellite exhibition which presents paintings from Kusama’s ongoing works ‘My Eternal Soul’, started in 2009. These new works breakaway from heavy use of repetitive pattern and feature heavily a use of line work as well as surreal eyes and human profiles throughout. Her use of colour is as always bold with contrasting blues, oranges, purples and golds.

    The Yayoi Kusama exhibition opened on 25 May and will run until 30 July 2016.The mirror rooms, infinity nets and sculptures are on display at the Victoria Miro gallery in Islington, and the paintings from ‘My Eternal Soul’ at Victoria Miro Mayfair.