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    Kiss Kiss.

    New exhibition at Hayward Galleries explores transgender art

    Kiss My Genders is the title of an exhibition opening at Hayward Galleries in London from the 12th of June to the 8th of September of this year. While topics concerning the LGBTQ community become more widely talked about in the media, as well as the celebration of Pride parades all over the word, it is about time we see an exhibition that explores the burgeoning era of gender fluidity and transgender art. While transgender art, and gender fluid art and artists have always existed – it is not often we get to see an exhibition to this extent. There are photographs of legendary drag queens of the New York drag scene of the 70s, along side paintings from Kent Monkman, depicting stag hunters in high heels. Gods and Heroes by Juliana Huxtable plays with the concept of gender, alien, and cyborg identities through her stunning and highly edited super hero-esque shots. Kiss My Genders is an exhibition that helps to push the boundaries of sexuality and gender in our society, making fun of the strict lines we have drawn around our conventional ideas of gender, and showing us what a future without these barriers could look like.