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    Kings & Queens in Their Castles.

    Tom Atwood has taken portraits of the iconic LGBTQ community leaders for his new book Kings & Queens in Their Castles.

    ward-winning photographer Tom Atwood has snapped portraits of LGBTQ community leaders in their home in aim to “strengthen the identity of and be a source of pride for the LGBTQ community.”
    The book, Kings & Queens in Their Castles showcases nearly 100 celebrities like Tony winning actor Alan Cumming, Fun Home creator Alison Bechdel and Star Trek Legend George Takei. Comprising of 350 photos of LGBTQ icons in their homes with their love ones or posing amongst their visually pleasing environments. As well as iconic celebrities, Atwood features portraits of artists, activists and journalists who are important to the LGBTQ community.
    “I decided to photograph LGBTQ Americans because I felt there was a need for a contemplative photo series of the community. Many LGBTQ series depict scantily-clothed young subjects romping through the forest or lounging on the beach. There was a need for a series highlighting our manifold personalities and backgrounds. And I wanted to create a body of work that would strengthen the identity of and be a source of pride for the LGBTQ community, as well as feature role models.”
    The book will be released on 25th of April 2017. See a preview on Tom Atwood’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.