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    Kiko Kostadinov X Asics.

    Frank Lebon shoots this new collaboration with legendary brand.

    Kiko Kostadinov has collaborated again with Asics to create a new silhouette, Sokat. Sokat, which means tug of war in Basque, is a new style of sneaker. Coming in three colours, grey, green and purple, it takes a little from the ugly sneaker trend and the dad style, but goes further by using new elements such as a full gel technology midsole. Frank Lebon shoots his new campaign with intelligence and humour. The analogue photographs have a classic visual effect to them, the athletes are styled casually in the orange jumpsuits, and nylon trousers. Collaged onto the photographs there are tips and tricks voiced by the famous models on how to tie the shoes properly, or how to run without hurting oneself. With almost an industrial quality to the photographs, Lebon is forging an exciting new style of advertising for fashion brands.