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    Japanese exhibition TENGAI 3.0

    A closer look at the exquisite works of illustrator & painter Feebee.

    New York Gallery, Hprpg presents TENGAI 3.0, a group exhibition of Japanese artists, curated by artist Hisashi Tenmyouya, featuring works by Hajime Sorayama, Kenichi Asao, Hiroaki Ito, Miki Kato, Moeko Kageyama and Feebee. The works of these seven artists, who range from illustrators to painters, defy conventional genres and revive various elements found in samurai paintings, Japanese ironic paintings, bird-and-flower paintings and the mechanical dolls of pre-modern times in Japan, to name a few.

    The exquisitely detailed works of Feebee caught Aserica’s eye. Feebee is a self-taught illustrator by trade, creating advertisements, CD covers, characters and so on for the past 14-years. Her bold Japanese style, use of vivid colour and delicate lines that bring to life her illustrations and paintings, has captivated audiences. Her work on display at TENGAI 3.0 is three paintings based on the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’, which when you look closer, you see more and more detail that creates an entire world encapsulated within. The circle of life depicted with baby monkeys breastfeeding, a broken ornament that has been repaired in a nod to the beauty of imperfection and a monkey’s rear end glows deep red, as the do during mating season.

    The exhibition is on Hpgrp Gallery, New York until November 19, 2016. You can also check out more of Feebee’s work online, feeble.jp.