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    Istanbul Style.

    Devin Yalkin, a Turkish and Armenian photographer returns to Istanbul to snap street style and memories from his past.

    Devin Yalkin is a Manhattan native, but his family history is deeply rooted in Istanbul. His parents met there in their mid-20’s and shortly after marriage they immigrated to America. Yalkin’s family kept their cultural traditions alive by visiting Istanbul. A tradition that Yalkin keeps up annually.
    When he visits Turkey, he visits the places that hold the most memories. Like visiting Buyukada, an island off the mainland to hanging out by the Bosporus. Over the past decade Yalkin has “seen both progression and regression in terms of politics, in terms of style, in terms of the arts,” he said of his visits over the past decade.”
    His recent trip to Turkey brought him back to shoot street style “When it comes to style in Istanbul, it’s such a convergence of two worlds, old and new,” he said. “You have these younger generations shining stylistically, in terms of what they want to wear, even if it’s trending or not.” The older generations “keep things kind of traditional and classy — it’s such a beautiful dichotomy.”
    His photos range from highlighting young people’s fashion choices, which he can see the similarities or influences from New York to the more conservative side of Istanbul, like muslim religious practices. Yalkin also takes time to craft the perfect “Istanbul moment”. As if he wants to highlight all the features that makes the city he loves so unique and special to him. Like the close up shot of the cat, one of Istanbul’s most bountiful inhabitants, waiting for scraps from the local kebab restaurant with the Galata Tower, the bridge and the Bosporus in the background.
    His work gives nod to his childhood nostalgia, while still accurately representing what Istanbul is like to this day. With his many years of travel and time spent in the city, he can fairly depict the day to day happenings of Istanbul.