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    Irving Penn at the Met.

    The most well known and recognized fashion photographer, Irving Penn, soon to be honoured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art will present a major exhibition of the work of Irving Penn. He is easily considered the worlds most recognized fashion photographer with his more then six decades of influential work at Vogue Magazine. His masterpieces created a new standard of photography and was characterized by striking shapes, exquisite lighting, minimal backgrounds and modern compositions.

    Penn’s most recognizable work is undoubtedly his fashion photography, but The Met will focus on his work as whole. Including series of work from street signs from New York, The American South, and Mexico; fashion and style with iconic photos of his wife Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn; portraits of the indigenous people in Cuzco, Peru; portraits of cultural figures like Truman Capote, Joe Louis, Picasso, and Colette to Alvin Ailey, Ingmar Bergman, and Joan Didion; and still life studio photography. His work will give insight to the life of the television age, commercial world, and the life of the average American through the 1970’s and 1980’s.

    The exhibition will be held from 24 April through to 30 July 2017 at The Met Fifth Avenue in New York.