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    Into The Unknown.

    The Barbican Centre holds a extensive exhibition with many genres dedicated to everything science fiction.

    From space to dystopian worlds, the Barbican Centre in London will be holding a exhibition dedicated to all things and everything science fiction. The exhibition will feature and extensive list of authors, artists, and directors. Including a few of the founders of science fiction like Jules Verne, and Ray Harryhausen as well as more current artists like Soda_Jerk.
    The exhibition will feature over 800 works, ranging from galleries of aliens, featured costumes like spacesuits from the movie sets of Star Trek and Interstellar, works of dystopian worlds like 28 days later and from the imagination of Margaret Atwood, as well as works based on transformation and mutation created by Jack Kirby and Ex Machina.
    The exhibition will be held at the Barbican Centre from June 3rd- September 1st.