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    Inside North Korea.

    Oliver Wainwright bring us a glimpse inside North Korea.

    Oliver Wainwright, the architecture and design journalist for the Guardian, has returned from North Korea with stunning images of the capital city, Pyongyang. The world’s curiosity has turned towards North Korea amongst peace talks with South Korea and the US, and for many these photographs will be their first glance into the mysterious and isolated country. Wainwright’s images highlight the character of the city by depicting private homes, as well as public spaces, littered with monuments of the nations revered leaders.
    Evident in the cityscape is how three generations of leaders have made their distinct architectural mark on the city. From Kim Il Sung Soviet-style health centres, to Kim Jong Il’s sci-fi inspired swimming pools, to Kim Jung Un’s pastel coloured fantasy, Pyongyang begins to resemble a film set. Interestingly, Kim Jung Un veers away from his predecessors military and authoritarian style, and rather seems to opt for rounded features, colourful and childlike forms, and pastel hues. At the very least, Kim Jung Un’s choices for the capitals aesthetic goes hand in hand with his popular slogan, “Let us turn the whole country into a socialist fairyland”.