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    Inner beauty.

    Mario Sorrenti shares 50 never before seen portraits of ex-girlfriend Kate Moss.

    When asked ‘What makes a great Kate picture?’, Mario Sorrenti simply replies ‘One that reveals her inner beauty and speaks to us honestly’. Mario and Kate had a relationship in the early 90’s, and in these times of youthful love Mario went about capturing the essence of Kate Moss. Even though they eventually split up, Mario stills holds great respect for Kate referring to her as an ‘ cool, honest, charming, loyal and excited’ person. A person that cherishes friendship and a good time. Mario Sorrenti is now releasing 50 photographs in a photobook called ‘Kate’ under the publishing house Phaidon. These photographs reveal a young Kate on the brink of womanhood, a window into a simultaneous display of the inevitable cross roads of confidence, vulnerability, youth and maturity. The book is available in stores now for £79.95.