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    India Proud.

    In a historic ruling, the supreme court of India decriminalises gay sex.

    On the 6th of September, India - the world’s largest democracy - made moves to protect and respect the rights of LGBTQ people. After years of petitioning the government, LGTBQ activists, as well as their legal representatives, have succeeded in overturning the oppressive constitutional law that made homosexual acts illegal, specifically criminalising gay sex. Section 377, written into the Indian Penal Code under British colonial rule, was modelled after the British Buggery Act of 1533, which criminalised people voluntarily participating in “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”. This archaic constitutional law, that aimed to violently police homosexual bodies, gave legal precedent for the jailing, discrimination, and mistreatment, of homosexual people in India. While Section 377 was barely used in a court of law, it remained in place to ensure a ‘norm’ of heterosexuality, establishing in Indian society that homosexuals were outcast, living outside of the law, and unnatural. As the Supreme Court ruled in favour of abolishing this lasting remnant of British colonial rule, people danced across India. While activists and allies alike are aware that LGBTQ rights still have a ways to go to be fully protected and accepted in society, this step forward is a huge relief, and sign of hope, to the people that have been fighting day in and out for decades.