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    In Search Of Us.

    PopRally Presents Petra Collins: In Search Of US at MoMA. An evening dedicated to “confronting how the female body is represented”.

    Photographer Petra Collins will be hosting an evening at the MoMA titled “In Search Of Us” on March 18th.The event aims at bringing awareness and exploring the theories of how the female body has been represented in art. Covering all grounds of the art world, Collins’s developed the programme with collaborator Madelyn Beckles resulting in a night that embodies art history, contemporary contexts, live performance, music and digital art.

    The event was inspired by Lorraine O’ Grady’s 1992 essay ‘Olympia’s Maid: Reclaiming Black Female Subjectivity’, and MoMA believes that the event and live performance will “confront traditional representations of the female body throughout the art-historical canon, which tended to exclude bodies of work by such historical “others” as women, gender nonconforming individuals, and persons of colour.”

    Petra has collaborated with other female artist; Madelyne Beckles, Grace Miceli and Aleia Murawski who have created short films for social media that explore the same subjects. The event will also be featuring live music from rapper Junglepussy and DJ Madeline Poole.