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    Imagine Moscow .

    Drawing attention to architecture, propaganda and the Russian Revolution; Imagine Moscow shares the idealistic views of the revolutionaries of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

    Russian revolutionists of the 1920’s and 1930’s had a vision for their country that was meant to inspire the people of their world. These artists and designers created architecture, propaganda and expressionistic art for how they viewed their Soviet Union. Revolutionists took every opportunity to inspire, and promote their dreams for Russia. They viewed their country as a growing brain and encouraged people to join the movement. Slogans like 'Citizens, listen and take notice that there is a library in every train dining car’ were open to the public and were meant to motivate people to share in the revolutionary changes.

    Imagine Moscow will be held at the Design Museum in London. This exhibition offers visual  insight into the citizens of this era’s culture and mind set. Showcasing large scale futuristic architectural drawings, artwork and publications; touching all ideologies of the Soviet Union like collectivization, urban planning, aviation, communication, industrialization and communal living and recreation.

    The exhibition will be held until June 4th 2017 in London at the Design Museum.