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    Mark Wallinger exhibits his work, The Human Figure in Space, at Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, UK.

    Mark Wallinger is a reputed British artist, most known for his works in painting and sculpture. His sculptures can be found in Trafalgar Square, and the Tate Modern alike. He is often inspired by myths and storytelling, and focuses his creations on social commentary, whether about class, nationalism, or royalty in the UK. In 2013, Wallinger’s Labyrinth designs were voted to be one of main pieces behind the the 150th anniversary for the London Underground. From the 21st of July to 7th of October, Jerwood Gallery hosts The Human Figure in Space, Wallinger’s newest compiliation of never-before seen works, including installations, film, and photography. Jerwood Gallery, in the beach-side town of Hastings, recently became a charity to support modern artists in Britain and the social, cultural and economic development of the Hastings. One prominent piece from the exhibition is a large installation which takes inspiration from 19th century artist Eadweard Muybridge, who established the modern exploration of the human figure in motion. Similar to Muybridge, Wallinger lays out a black and white grid on three walls. The grid is made of 3 miles of kite string, meticulously pinned to the wall as a graph mapping motion in space. The fourth wall is a mirror which reflects the viewers and the grid behind them, mapping out the movement of the viewers own within the space of the gallery.