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    Honouring Ziggy .

    David Bowie is being honoured with three plaques around London for BBC Music Day.

    David Bowie has been honoured with 3 commemorative blue plaques around London. These plaques are a few of 47 that are being installed around the UK as a part of BBC Music Day. BBC Music Day was created to pay tribute to the artists that have created he founding to Britains music foundation.
    Bowie, has been honoured with plaques in Soho, central London, Maidstone, Kent and Hull. Each of these places has held significance to Bowies musical career. Albums; Hunky Dory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars were all recorded at Trident Studios. Other locations include The Royal Star Hotel in Maidstone, Kent where Bowie played regularly with his early band, Manish Boys, as well as Hulls Paragon station in honour of Bowie’s backing band’s hometown.
    Each of these plaques were unveiled by a close friend to Bowie. The Trident Studios plaque was displayed by Billy Bragg and George Underwood, Bowies friend, painter and designer.
    Bragg said: “David Bowie was the greatest of the London boys that came out of the 60s. In 1971 he turned into something strange and curious - Ziggy Stardust. It’s great to commemorate this spot with a blue plaque, so that everyone who loves these records can gaze up in wonder at Trident Studios.”
    Hull’s unveiling was lead by the drummer from Spiders from Mars, Mick “Woody” Woodmansey. Woody commented “The only downside is that Mick and Trevor couldn’t be standing here with me. We set off from Paragon station on lots of trips. I first met Mick here in 1968, I think it was. We hit it off, we formed a band, and ... Bowie was smart enough to pick three lads from Hull to help him create what’s become one of his most iconic periods of music.”