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    Honouring Arnold Schonberg.

    Musée D’art et D’histoire du judaïsme in Paris and the Arnold Schonberg Center in Vienna cooperate to celebrate the work and life of Arnold Schonberg.

    From September 28th, 2016  to January 29th 2017, the Arnold Schonberg Centre in Vienna and the Musee D’art et D’histoire du Judaisme in Paris will be in cooperation; featuring the great works of Arnold Schonberg. 

    Musee D’ Art et D’historie du Judaism will feature over 350 exhibits, including paintings, drawings, documents, music, letters and photographs. The show will pay close attention to Schonberg’s art work and his life. A section of the exhibit is devoted to his relationship with his religion and political point of view. As well as art work, events, concerts, lectures, films and out reach programs will be held during the showing.

    Arnold Schonberg (1874-1951) has been called the greatest creative spirit of the 20th century. As a composer, painter, theorist and inventor, he also faced a series of hardships through his eventful life. Born a jew, he converted to Protestantism in 1898. Later he returned to Judaism before fleeing to America in 1933. 

    From the Arnold Schonberg Centre, 200 works have been loaned to Paris. Other lenders include the Albertina, the Leopold Museum, mumok, the Belvedere Austrian Gallery, the Austrian National Library, Vienna University of Applied Arts, the Wien Museum, the Centre Pompidou, and the Jewish Museum Berlin.