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    Helmut Lang new Taxi Campaign.

    Helmut Lang revisits the ‘Taxi’ as an emblem for their new limited edition line of men’s and women’s clothing.

    Helmut Lang is a fashion company known for its minimalist, severe designs and unconventional ad campaigns. Helmut Lang, Austrian artist and designer, became known after his runway collection showed at Centre Georges Pompidou in 1986. This designer and his company, that reinvented a streamlined aesthetic for the 90’s, became recognized for its use of bizarre materials such as rubber and metallic textiles to create contemporary, intellectual looks. Since 2004, Prada and new designers have been involved in the brand’s creations, while Helmut Lang retired from fashion. This year, the fashion label revisits their iconic 1997 ad campaign, where they perched their line on top of New York City taxi cabs, by paying homage to taxi cab drivers in Hong Kong, Paris, London, and Tokyo. These charismatic figures of the city, sporting shirts and hoodies in bright primary colours, show off the high-end label in a perfect marriage of the metropolitan and the atypical. The campaign, which can be located under Projects on the Helmut Lang website, also features a short documentary clip in the words of the taxi drivers