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    Harold Feinstein at Hill Gallery.

    Capturing the candour of life, we take a look at the significance of 20th century photographer Harold Feinstein.

    Declared “one of the most accomplished recorders of the American experience” in his New York Times obituary, the photographer Harold Feinstein is largely unknown today. Born in New York in 1931, the son of Jewish immigrants began practicing photography at the age of 15 when he borrowed a Rolleiflex camera from a neighbour. Rising through the scene alongside contemporaries such as Diane Arbus, Walker Evans and Garry Winogrand, Harold Feinstein cemented his name in the art of photography with his sensitive depiction of the human condition.
    Capturing life candidly throughout the latter half of the 20th century, the American photographer’s work is celebrated in a new exhibition currently on show at David Hill Gallery. Titled Boardwalks, Beaches & Boulevards, the exhibition is running from 18 June to 14 August at the central London venue.