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    Haring at Tate.

    A major exhibition of unseen works from the legendary New-York graffiti artist on display till November of next year at Tate Modern.

    Keith Haring was an important visual artist of the New York arts scene in the 1980’s. He focused his work on activism and political messages, and drawing and painting techniques were simply and straightforward. Haring was a pioneer of attempting to forge a strong connection between art and the people, between high art and popular culture, by posting messages on the subway systems, on the streets, and children’s hospitals. As an openly gay artist battling AIDS, his work called attention to the mounting AIDS crisis, but also racism, homophobia, drug addiction, and environmental degradation. Before his death in 1990, he created The Keith Haring Foundation to help with research and support for AIDS. Next month, starting from the 14th to November of this year, the Tate Liverpool will exhibit a retrospective of his work – many of the pieces have never been seen in the UK.