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    Gucci Styles.

    Harmony Korine shoots Harry Styles for Gucci.

    Eclectic, colourful and rampant with animals – the new Gucci campaign gives us life. Harmony Korine is an American film director and screen writer best known for writing Kids. Harry Styles, the former star of British pop boy-band One Direction, features in this new Gucci campaign. Gucci is trying to reframe formal men’s wear, and they chose unlikely, however awesome characters to execute their plan. The campaigns images play with Harry as an ‘eccentric yet nonchalant’ character living in a classic, however crowded and slightly broken down, mansion. Despite the happening backdrops, Harry’s colourful ensembles easily pop out from the page. He rock a bandana, and pink lapels, as a rather regal swan curls around his neck. Piglets run amuck in an overgrown garden, and Harry eats grapes in a room of antique marble busts. This campaign celebrates its own ability to be over the top, and innovating a new vision for Gucci men’s wear.