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    Gucci rules.

    Faye Dunaway and Soko star in new Gucci campaign video.

    Faye Dunaway has been a style icon for over 50 years. She has been nominated for 3 Oscars and many more awards, winning an Oscar for Network in 1977. Her career has flowed seamlessly from the silver screen to the pages of fashion magazines, where she modelled for high fashion and luxury brands, while also nabbing roles of sophisticated, and powerful women. The new Gucci campaign, shot by Petra Collins, takes place in sunny and bright L.A. It features French singer, Soko, and Dunaway as they stroll down Rodeo drive, shop for a Sylvie handbag, and play tennis – all while being tended to by maids, chauffeurs, and servants. Paired with light music and a soft colour palette, this video epitomizes the luxury and class of Gucci. Soko and Dunaway are paired perfectly for the campaign, playing a mother and daughter enjoying a refined lifestyle.