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    Gone Tomorrow.

    The poster house will be hosting a pop-up exhibition in honour of New York City's underground night life and the posters that spread the word.

    New York has always been a hot bed for underground and cultural events, collectives, artists and musicians. The way that these events were delivered to the public was through artwork littered all over city poles, walls, and shop windows announcing a that weeks low-fi events.

    The Poster House in New York will be holding a pop-up exhibition called “Gone Tomorrow” showcasing of the art work, iconic events and venues in poster form. The inspiration for the show is the drawn from the archive of The Herb Lubalin Study Centre of Design and Typography, which includes numerous posters from the events that have taken place in the last 50 years. For example, the famous Times Square concert of The Clash, a screening of Putney Swope at Cinema II and the iconic Levy’s Bakery.

    The Poster House will also draw from a variety of collections from around the city including its own, featuring posters for concerts, festivals, venues and the long forgotten iconic venues like The Electric Circus, Harlow’s, Ginger Rogers at The Waldorf, Studio 54, the Fillmore East, and Elaine’s.

    The Gone Tomorrow exhibition will be on view until October 20th at The Poster House by appointment.