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    Giacometti at Guggenheim.

    The Guggenheim Museum exhibits sculpted works of Giacometti.

    From June 8 to September 12, the Guggenheim Museum in New York will show Giacometti’s works, from portraits to his winding sculptures. Alberto Giacometti, was born in Switzerland to an artistic family, his father was a renowned painter, and Giacometti was taught to sculpt and paint from a young age. In 1922, he moved to Paris to study sculpting under an associate of Rodin, living and working in a small, dusty, and dilapidated studio in Montparnasse. In this humble space, he created some of his most famous works, which are today considered some of the most important Surrealist pieces of last century. Giacometti is known for showing the humanity in his sculptures, they are tall, thin, spindly and looming. Leaving the horrors of World War II was a difficult task, and his artwork reflected this pain, the figures seem lost and clamouring for substance and meaning. While the show has been criticized for not providing a true analysis or disentangling the mysteries of his artistry, it boast over 170 works of the artists, including many rarely seen pieces from his early days.