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    Fumiko Imano for Loewe.

    Fumiko Imano and Liya Kebede take you on a tour in the UNESCO building in Paris for the Loewe autumn/winter 18 campaign.

    Fumiko Imano is a Japanese artist based in Hitachi, Japan. Her work focuses on self-portrait photography, and sometimes videos and installations. Fumiko photographs herself in playful places, with childlike curiosity and a creative eye for a well-balanced shot. Imano grew up in Brazil until she was 8, surrounded by the colour and life of South America. When moving back to Japan she couldn’t help but feel like an alien in her own country. She studied fashion and art in London, and moved back to Japan to live and work. Imano’s most famous work is her photography series Twins. Fumiko says this series was born as a mistake, by cutting and pasting two pictures together. It was also born from her loneliness in Japan at the time, wishing she had a close friend, sister, or someone like her to share her thoughts with. Her twin in the photographs became a funny coincidence that has fuelled many beautiful series, as well as two Loewe campaigns this year. Loewe has hired Fumiko, for a second time, to be the artistic force behind their autumn/winter campaign. She is the photographer and model in this shoot, and the images of the twins and Liya Kebede touring the UNESCO building in elegant fashion is appealing as both a lookbook of next seasons fashion, as well as a continuation of her compelling series.