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    Football Fandom Captured.

    Juergen Teller’s images of the personal history of football fans shows in Moscow .

    Just in time for FIFA fever in Moscow, Juergen Teller’s photographs of football fandom will show at Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (8 June - 19 August). The famous German photographer takes us through the ups and downs of being a football fan, and how the game takes on a personal dimension for him, influencing his relationships. Zittern auf dem Sofa, or Trembling on the Sofa, captures emotional moments of his friends and family as they watch the game, celebrating or lamenting wins and losses. These photographs are candid, funny, gut-wrenching, and real. The exhibition includes recordings of all the games the artist watched, and photographs of himself and the famous footballer, Pele. In one striking and more intimate image, Teller holds a beer and smokes a cigarette while posing naked on his father’s grave, one foot on a football. Even football was used in his art to explore his complex relationship with his late father, who committed suicide in 1988. He says, “I think I took the photograph to feel closer to him. To try to understand the things we had in common, and the things that kept us apart. Football was certainly one of those things that kept us apart.”.