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    Foam’s choices.

    Foam Magazine chooses emerging photographers for Talent Issue.

    Masie Cousins and Eric Gyamfi are both artists in the making, stepping into the international world of photography for the first time thanks to Foam Magazine. Foam Magazine is a branch of the Fotografiemuseum in Amsterdam, and every year since the past 15 years they have been sorting through and choosing up and coming photographers from around the world. Not only does this highlight new stories and voices, but it helps emerging artists solidify themselves in the international prestigious art world. Masie Cousins is one artist who is interested in subverting common beauty ideals. Her work is highly saturated, colourful, almost like candy – however with a strong tendency to the grotesque – hair and sticky lip gloss, sweat and flowers. Eric Gyamfi, who won the Foam Paul Huf Award this years, is a Nigerian photographer who follows a more social and political approach to his arresting images. One of his more famous bodies of work is a portrait series of women in Ghana who had been arrested or accused for witchcraft.