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    Five Degrees.

    Frederico Borella wins Sony World Photography Award.

    This year at the Sony Photography Award there were over 300,000 submissions in four main categories, professional, youth, student, and open. Borella was one of the ten from the professional category that was picked out and one in the Documentary category. His series, Five Degrees, was inspired by studies from the University of California in Berkeley that researched the links between climate change, a temperature rise, and farmer suicides in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, South India. Tamil Nadu is facing its worst drought in over 140 years, and rural communities who depend on farming as an income source are hit the hardest. Unable to pay debts, take care of their families, and under stress from their dwindling resources, many male farmers take their own lives. Borella’s project aims to go into these communities to document how these farmers are coping with changes in their climate, and how these increased suicides affect their community as well as the survivors.