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    Feel Good.

    Tyler Mitchel has first solo show in Amsterdam.

    Tyler Mitchel has become a leading name in editorial photography within a short span of time. He is young, black and driven – after being the first black photographer to shoot the Vogue September issue, that featured Beyoncé, his career took a sharp turn for the better. Mitchel’s work is polished and ready for the likes of a fashion magazine, however he never turns away from social and political commentary. He often speaks of the importance of adding to and building up the body of representation of black bodies in art, fashion, and industry. His first solo show, which opened last week on April 19th at the Foam Fotografiemuseum in Amsterdam, is titled I Can Make You Feel Good. In this series, he turns away from negative imagery of blackness, focused on the great injustices in everyday life for black people and instead focuses on black optimism, a sense of play and the leisure rituals black people may take part in. Tyler Mitchel juxtaposes these images of leisure with audio recordings from fans recounting microtraumas they experienced in every day lives that made them feel as though they don’t belong. These recordings were collected through Mitchel making posts on his social media, and allowing the responses to come in. This show is extremely important, and so is the work of this young photographer. We are excited to see which new stories and medium he may choose for his next project.