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    Fashionable Friendship.

    Vivienne Westwood and Juergen Teller hold an exhibition at Westwood in NYC.

    Designer Vivienne Westwood and Photographer Juergen Teller have a longstanding creative friendship. The pair has worked together for over ten years and have output an abundance of work.

    In celebration of the images they have curated together, Westwood is opening a new exhibition at her flagship store in New York City. The exhibition will be spread over the six-storey shop and it will include photos of Westwood and her partner Andreas Kronthaler shot by teller over the years. A focal point of the exhibition will be the three famous nudes taken of Westwood when she was 68. The exhibition will also include a set pieces and looks from the campaigns and collections that the two have created together.

    “Juergen’s got something very rare, he gets to the root of the matter every time when he takes a photograph.” said Westwood.

    The exhIbition will be on viewing until the end of October at Westwood in New York City.