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    Faces of Frida.

    An in-depth exploration of Frida Kahlo’s work on Google Arts and Culture.

    Google Arts and Culture aims to bring the culture to you, with this powerful retrospective ‘Faces of Frida’. ‘Faces of Frida’ offers a compilation of the artists paintings, sketches, self-portraits, and then goes beyond to include diary entries, letters, and photographs. Google has collaborated with over 33 museums all over the world to bring Frida Kahlo’s work, in digital high definition, to an accessible and interactive online platform.
    In this online exhibit, the viewer is able to connect with Frida’s work in a new way, choosing to zoom into the details of her brushstrokes, or reading the testimonies of artists of her time, as well as visiting her paintings at museums in 360 virtual tours. Exploring sections like ‘Hidden meaning in Frida Kahlo’s paintings’ and peering into her wardrobe in ‘Frida’s clothing’, allows the viewer to place her work within the context of her life, personal struggles and joys. Exposing and interacting with this multifaceted view into her life, we are better able to understand and connect to her poignant perspective. Perhaps more so than simply taking a stroll through a conventional museum and viewing her paintings …
    Google Arts and Culture was born from an initiative to allow Google employees to spend 20% of their time at work on innovative projects meaningful to them. This growing platform connects with over 33 museums world wide opening their doors, virtually, to make art more accessible to a larger global audience.