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    Etching Humanity.

    A Lucian Freud exhibition will be taking place at Marlbrorough Fine Art in London showcasing his use of etching with metal printing plates.

    Lucian Freud (1922- 2011) was a German born British artist. Specializing in figurative art and is known as one of the most prominent artist in the 20th century. His style can be describes as mature and rich in surrealism; depicting people, plants and animals, with an odd yet familiar tone. Most his his career he focused on using paint and canvas but he has been known to stray from his zone. 

    At Marlborough Fine Art in London, a collection of Freud’s etching will be on exhibit. These etching are formed by a printmaking technique using metal printing plate. Using the metal plate as canvas he etched raw and intimate images of people and animals. His etching are mostly all monochromatic, which delivers stark and bold honesty. By using this new form of medium, Freud captured the stark difference in colour contrast with texture. Similar to his unforgettable paintings, Lucian Freud has shown his interest with humanity, delicate and beautiful through his etchings.

    Marlbrorough Fine Art London from January 18th through January 24th.