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    Elton In Gucci.

    Elton John enlisted Alessandro Michele of Gucci to dress him for his farewell tour.

    Gucci has been busy! From their illustrated spring/summer 18 campaign by Ignasi Monreal, to their newest collection celebrating the Year of the Dog, and the opening of the Gucci Garden, where did they find the time to take on their newest venture? It was recently announced that Alessandro Michele has been named the costume designer for Elton Johns last tour.

    Elton John announced that he will be stepping down after 50 years of performing. For his final tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, Elton will be traveling around the globe for 3 years. Super Fan, Michele, will help him tour in glamour and glitz. Thanks to the Gucci’s spring/ summer 18 show, there were many hints that the team would pair up. The show featured many references to Elton iconic style. Spotted on the runway were sparking swimming caps, rhinestone denim jackets, and even a tote bag featuring the cover of his 1971 single “Levon/Goodbye”.

    With Michele’s flair for drama, we can expect to see Elton studded with sequins. The tour will begin on September 8th 2018 and will cross five continents before finishing in 2021.