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    Edicola soon to hit stands.

    Independent magazine for contemporary photography hits the public.

    The Milan based digital agency named ‘nss’ has just launched a new independent magazine-book fusion purely for contemporary photography. The new project will be called ‘Edicola’. The creators says the project is based around ‘beauty’ and what beauty entails in this contemporary age of photography. To get a better idea of what this actually means, one of the creators stated they ‘... are on a utopical search for objective beauty’. The new contemporary photography magazine will be available only in print, a daring moving in a digital world. But the creators state with confidence that this will attract a dedicated audience. ‘Edicola’ will mix photography and fashion narratives, collectively chosen by their dedicated team of researchers, directors and photo editors. Edicola is available online, at Galleria Carla Sozzani in Milan, Ofr. in Paris, and The Store in Berlin.