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    Duchamp donated.

    Marcel Duchamp collection at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum grows.

    On the 50th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s death, collectors Barbara and Aaron Levine have made a donation of 35 pieces to the museums collection of the seminal artist. Marcel Duchamp is one of the fathers of the plastic arts, along with Picasso and Matisse. The French-American artist helped define conceptual arts, as well as push passed its boundaries to create something truly revolutionary. His work combined painting, sculpture, and even music and chess. It aimed to leave “retinal” artwork, or work that was simply there to please the eye, behind, and create works of art that engaged the mind. The 35 pieces that have been donated include readymades, sculptures and some early sketches by Duchamp himself, and also photographs and painting of Duchamp by other artists, like Man Ray and Irving Penn. The gifted works are to be enjoyed at the free museum, after spending years in the household of the Levine family. An exhibition to display these works is being planned in the fall of this year.