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    Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing.

    Dorothea Lange’s famous Depression era photographs show in the UK for the first time.

    An exhibition showing Dorothea Lange’s acclaimed photographs will take place at Barbican Art Gallery in London (22 June - 2 September). Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing takes place within a wider context of Barbican’s 2018 season, The Art of Change, which focuses on how art interacts with society, and influences politics and culture. This show exposes the work of a dedicated woman who portrayed her ill-fated subjects with poise and humanity. These images remain a compelling homage to an era that marked American history. The exhibition will include eight series of Lange’s photographs, spanning from 1919 to 1957, as well as her own notes, personal photographs, documentary films and letters. Since the series spans almost 40 years of Lange’s career, we are able to see some of her lesser known early portraiture from San Francisco at the height of the 20s. By early 1930, the Great Depression was becoming visible on the streets of San Francisco, and her work makes a shift with the times as she begins to document the growing poverty and social turmoil. Her later works include her iconic image of the Migrant Mother, which has become a symbol of the hardship and fortitude that became the lived experience of the Great Depression, as well as rare photographs of Japanese American internment camps in 1941.