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    Dior Does Denim.

    Dior Homme launches first denim collection.

    Denim has been a key staple to a complete closet, and with the the street style trend on the climb; denim was an expected arrival on the spring/summer 18 catwalks. Top designers like Tom Ford to Calvin Klein debuted the versatility of denim. The highlight of these designers is Dior Homme who is releasing a dedicated denim collection for the very first time in the brand’s history.

    “Denim is not a new thing at Dior Homme, but it was a good time to rework all basics and some new treatments. I wanted to look at everything with a fresh eye, to rework it as an independent part of the collection, but within the same identity.” said Dior Homme’s artistic director, Kris Van Assche. The denim vision translates with the melding of youthful streetwear and traditional styles that Homme is known to create.

    “Dior Homme is all about contrast,” Kris explains. “It is tailoring as much as it is denim. Recently I had been focusing a lot on the tailoring so I needed to make sure the balance stays right.”

    The collection is built off the timeless appeal that the brand has always exampled. The collection pays homage to the club kid era with embroidery and denim on denim layering. “I decided to put the leather tag — which used to be on the inside of the jeans — on the outside,” he continues. “It’s a kind of metaphor for the inside/outside approach I also apply on the tailoring, as well as a symbol for the fresh start.”