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    Director Michel Gondry has created an 11 minute short story for Apple, filmed on an iPhone 7.

    Director Michel Gondry, known for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and several music videos for top chart performers has directed an 11 minute short cinematic story for Apple. The quirky film was shot entirely with an iPhone 7. The story, Détour, follows a red tricycle that gets lost off the back of a family’s vacation vehicle and tries to makes its way back to its owner. Gondry takes viewers on a ride through locations that were special to him and that could only have been accessible with the small crew, giving the film a kitschy and heartwarming mood and tone.
    “When I used the iPhone, there were times when I wanted to give a more classical aesthetic. By imagining it was a 15 kilo camera I can only move slowly," explains Gondry in one of the behind the scenes films, giving insight to how he gave a “cinematic touch” to the film.
    Watch the full video here https://youtu.be/KrN1ytnQ-Tg