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    Defying Gravity.

    Jordan of the London punk scene in the 70’s releases an autobiography

    Jordan is one of the first people to fully embody a punk rock fashion as early as the mid-70’s. She was an innovative and creative fashion icon who pushed boundaries far beyond her time. Looks that Madonna would be trailblazing and celebrated for 20 years later, Jordon was emblazoned to walk down Kings Road in London. At 14 her fashion sense got her expelled from school, the principle was scared she would influence the other kids. Many people remember her at her first job as the scary lady who lead you to the fine and scary Vivienne Westwood and McLaren infamous SEX store. Hanging out at gay bars in Brighton, and shooting film with the likes of David Bowie and Andy Warhol by the 80’s, Jordon solidified her as one of the influential idols of the punk rock movement. Her autobiography, Defying Gravity: Jordan’s Story, which is authored by Cathi Unsworth and Jordan Mooney is expected to come out in September of this year.