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    Dan Bailey’s Disposable Lives.

    A vivid documentation on Tokyo's underground youth through the eye of influencial personality D.Bailey.

    Dan Bailey founded Tokyodandy.com in 2008 along with his friend Kawamitsu – Joe -Kazuaki. This independent bilingual web magazine, a testimony of Tokyo underground parties and fashion events – is considered as today’s most influential blog among Tokyo’s street style kids and international fashion circles. Receiving several awards from WWD Japan, MTV/G-Star’s top blog competition and RADO.Starting as a party nightlife and portrait photographer, Dan Bailey is now one of Tokyo prominent personality, shooting for brands like Vuitton, Chanel and Marc Jacobs in his own personal style. “I grew up with magazines like The Face and I-D, where high fashion and street style came together with Art, Music, Politics and clubbing to form what I understood to be popular culture. That just wasn’t represented here”.
    Besides the blog, they also host their own parties and perform as Djs for fashion events.
    What particularly stands out in Tokyodandy is Dan’s photographic work. The series called Disposable lives, shot with a Fuji disposable camera, capture the places and people of his everyday life. The result is a vivid documentation on Tokyo youth.