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    Dali and Duchamp.

    The Royal Academy of Art in London honors the friendship of two of the art worlds most influential creators; Marcel Duchamp and Salvador Dali.

    Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp maintained a long-lasting friendship and mutual admiration though their careers. Which to many seems like such and unlikely friendship when it comes to their artistic style. The pair shared artistic interests like eroticism, language, optics and games. They also played off humour and skepticism which lead to their own very unique views on art and life.

    The Royal Academy of Art will be bringing around 80 works from Dali and Duchamp to honor and showcase their artistic ventures and coveted friendship. The exhibition will home some of Dali’s most accomplished paintings and sculptures and Duchamp’s most influential creations. It will also be viewing some of the lesser known works of the pair- like Dali’s photography and some of Duchamp’s paintings.

    The exhibition will be on view at The Royal Academy of Art London, from October 2017 to 3 January 2018.