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    Mario Testino auctions his personal collection of art to raise money for the Lima gallery.

    Mario Testino is known for his photography featuring some of the worlds more interesting and influential people like Kate Moss, Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, and David Bowie. Now his attention has turned to saving the Museo Mate in his native city, Lima.
    Testino is approaching the challenge by auctioning off his personal collection of art. Over 400 works of art from over three decades which he collected over the span of his career. With the opportunity to travel, Testino made it a priority to visit artists studio’s and galleries and acquire their work for his personal enjoyment and inspiration.The first picture that he bought, which is included in the sale, was a portrait of the actor Vivien Leigh by the surrealist photographer Angus McBean.
    With works from Wolfgang Tillmans, Gilbert & George, Sterling Ruby and Nan Goldin, and other leading contemporary artists, the collection offers insight to what Testino chose to surround himself with and what in turn inspired and shaped his photography style. Testino describes the collection as a “a document of my time, of my eye, of the people I believe in”.
    Testino has admitted it was hard having to part with his images, but he is determined to develop Museo Mate as his main priority. The auction is estimated to raise £8 million for the project which Testino set up in 2012 as a space to bring Peruvian artists and culture to the world.