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    Holley Blakey, Mica Levi and Vivienne Westwood all collaborate together for the Queen Elizabeth Hall first show since renovations

    The newly renovated Queen Elizabeth Hall in London had their first show on April 13th showcasing 'Cowpuncher'. The cowboy inspired dance performance is the first collaboration that has three notable figures working together. The show was choreographed by Holly Blakey, composed by Oscar nominated, Mica Levi and costumed by Andreas Kronthaler’s spring/summer 18 Vivienne Westwood collection. Which gave the dance an aesthetically pleasing energy and structure. The performance is inspired by spaghetti westerns and challenges the contemporary sexual politics of these films through music and visuals.

    Choreographer, Holly Blakey stated, “[I thought] Andreas’ collection would be completely perfect for this. It feels like [his collection is] reimagining everything that I want to reimagine in the work. It’s Western, it’s cowboy and there’s an element of the prairie to it. But [the collection is] reformed and reshaped into something more current. [Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler] felt like the perfect people to try and collaborate with.”