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    Club Culture.

    Track the subtle evolution of British nightlife with New York-based photographer Teddy Fitzhugh’s photo book series Club Archive.

    Shot over the span of seven years from 2008-2015, Teddy Fitzhugh’s nightlife series came naturally to him after moving to London and shooting at parties and gigs for a number of magazines, eventually leading him to shoot for DJs and promoters. Drawn in by the unique environment of clubs – be it the ever-changing characters, styles and mini-narratives, Fitzhugh kept returning to capture perfect moments of sweaty drunken escapades and dazed dancers completely lost in the music.

    The crisp black and white snapshots taken mostly at Benji B’s monthly nightclub Deviation at XOYO, Numbers, LuckyMe, Black Atlantic and Earnest Endeavors are full of joy, energy, and hedonism with undertones of tension that’s distinctive to the London club scene.

    Published in partnership with I.P.F on occasion of the Independent Photography Festival 2015, Teddy Fitzhugh’s Club Archive is $20.00, featuring 60 pages, digitally printed and saddle stitched.