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    Playboy releases a photo book showcasing their iconic nude centrefold.

    The 1970’s mega brand, Playboy is the ultimate hub for all things fantasy. The brand successfully transformed the Playboy Bunny logo as the world wide symbol for “sexy”. It can be found virtually everywhere; from phone cases to tee shirts, the bunny and the message behind it is unforgettable. In addition to the logo, the brand and magazine is known to home some of the worlds most seductive women deep in the pages of the coveted centrefold.

    This year playboy has released a new hardcover book celebrating the history of Playboys nude centrefolds. The book features 734 models including some of worlds greatest pin-up stars like Marilyn Monroe, and Bettie Page. It opens with an introduction from art critic Dave Hickey, and features an essay by Elizabeth Wurtzel of Prozac Nation and a foreword from Hugh Hefner himself. The book dates photos from 1953 up into 2016 and follows the ever changing trends that shaped these images; from the increase of nudity and the mind set around body hair and physique.

    In addition to physical trends, the book follows photography trends that created the perfect fantasy land for viewer; unexplainable narratives and sensual bedroom scenes. In recent years, Playboy has faced an identity crisis, and in 2016 the brand announced the end of nudity in their magazines. Earlier this year the brand had come to terms with the fact that nudity was the key to the Playboy brand and reinstated the sexy centrefolds once again.