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    Brave and forward fashion.

    Helmut Lang’s clever collaboration with Slava Mugotin.

    In this spring/summer ‘19 collection, Helmut Lang’s most recent addition to the “Logo-Hack” series, Lang provokes social convention by dismembering hyper-masculine stereotypes and re-evaluating the performance of gender norms.
    After partnering with Slava Mogutin, Russian-American artist, and creative director Jan Wandrag, the new selection is an innovative step in the way of fashion.
    Slava, multimedia artist and gay rights activist, together with Wandrag, cleverly bent utilitarian uniforms, typically worn by mechanics and construction workers (a male dominated industry), to depict a sense of monochromatic style with a forward yet playful touch.
    T-shirts, sheer nylon tops and sweaters are decorated with the re-designed “Helmut Go-Go” logo as well as with thick, blockish print reading “1-833-HELL-YES (1-833-4355-937)”. If you decide to call the number you will find yourself listening to a selection of recorded messages from non-other than Slava himself. The new release is highly influenced by Slava’s 2017 book “Bros and Brosephines” that serves to dissect and go beyond normalised assumptions of beauty and masculinity.
    To debut this recent collaboration, Slava brought adult entertainers, models and queer activists Sean Ford, John Tuite, Guilherme Scarab and Keon Casmi to wear and model the garments, further accenting the statement of the brand.
    All Items are available now online and at select Helmut Lang retailers worldwide.